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Renewal of Vows at

Sweetheart Chapel, the Garden Gazebo, and Rev. Deb's Drive-in!

Say "I do" all over again!

Couples ask, "When is the right time for a vow renewal?" Rev. Deb's answer is anytime!

There is nothing set in stone about when it is appropriate to have a renewal ceremony. In fact, after this time of lock-down and pandemic, more couples than ever are calling to make a date to reaffirm their love and give thanks for their life together.

Here at Sweetheart Chapel, we offer several very affordable options. Plan a romatic getaway for the two of you and include the ceremony as part of your itinerary.

Bring along some friends and choose the cozy chapel or the Garden Gazebo. Or, come with a car full and have the Drive-in experience!

Niagara-on-the-Lake is one of the romantic places in Canada, if not the continent. With its manicured lawns, flowing gardens, quaint shops, five star hotels and restaurants, fabulous wineries and attractions, it has become the "go to" place for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

At Sweetheart Chapel, we offer you a simple setting and an affordable option for your ceremony needs. Rev. Deb works with each couple to ensure that their ceremony is a memorable occasion.

Make it a Double!

Rev. Deb has been receiving requests from couples who'd like to renew their vows along with another couple wishing to renew, acting as witnesses for one another. Speak to her about special rates.

What is a Renewal of Vows Ceremony?

A Renewal of Vows ceremony is a way to reaffirm your wedding vows to each other.

It is a ceremony in which you will once more agree to the vows you have made. We offer a very simple, meaningful ceremony that not only affirms and honours the commitment you have shared, but expresses your dreams and aspirations for ​the next part of your life together.

Booking Your Elopement

We are available by appointment 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. seven days a week beginning April 15 for less than 6 people and April 30th at the Garden Gazebo (more than 6 people) or the Drive-in.  Each ceremony time-slot is 45 minutes, beginning at the agreed upon time.

Call 905-468-9502 with a VISA or Mastercard to book your time and date. Email money transfers to are also accepted.

Upon receipt of monies, we'll send along your ceremony for personalizing. Each package includes a commemorative certificate suitable for framing. There isn't tax added, but for credit card payments, there is a small processing fee.


Please arrive five or ten minutes before your appointed time. There is space in the driveway for your vehicles, so you do not have to worry about parking, which can be challenging in the summertime. 

Please note that there is no access to washrooms at this time. We expect that couples will arrive wedding-ready.

A Renewal of Vows at Sweetheart Chapel is an Unforgettable Experience

Each couple works with Rev Deb to include personalized elements such as using the original vows used, adding a sand ceremony or involving family members in a meaningful way. We book a 30 minute reservation in our chapel or garden for your celebration.  Includes a beautiful commemorative certificate suitable for framing.

Our Sweet Little

Vow Renewal #1


Just the Two of You

A simple and meaningful recommitment and renewal ceremony in our garden gazebo

 or chapel. 

Our Sweet Little

Vow Renewal #2


A Renewal with Four Friends

in our cozy indoor chapel or garden gazebo

(Chapel holds 6 people max comfortably.)

Our Sweet Little

Vow Renewal #3


Garden Gazebo only

Invite up to 12 guests to join in your celebration

Deposit of $100

Offsite Renewal

Sometimes couples decide to rent a venue and hold a larger celebration. Deborah is delighted to share in your happy occasion and will work with you to personalize the ceremony. Includes a beautiful commemorative certificate suitable for framing. A small travel charge may apply if the ceremony is taking place outside the immediate Niagara Region. Cost: $425

See the Location Wedding page for details

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